Hulu Snags Lee Daniels’ “Billie Holiday”

Hulu has reportedly acquired “The Paperboy” and “Precious of Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo” director Lee Daniels’ “The United States vs. Billie Holiday” according to Deadline.

Suzan-Lori Parks adapted Johann Hari’s novel with the film starring Andra Day as the legendary jazz singer. The story deals with the time the singer was targeted by the Federal Department of Narcotics. An undercover sting operation was led by agent Jimmy Fletcher (Trevante Rhodes), a man with whom she had a tumultuous affair.

The film had been scheduled for a February 26th 2021 theatrical release via Paramount Pictures – meaning it would make it in time for Oscar season eligibility.

However, the trade says the deal with Paramount never closed, and so it hasn’t been determined yet whether a Paramount theatrical release will be part of the new deal with Hulu which is said to be worth more than double what Paramount offered.

Paramount could still have some hand in the film’s release though as they were involved in the production on re-shoots. Hulu apparently still wants the film to qualify for awards season and trailers, and marketing material is ready to go.

Hulu has done day-and-date streaming theatrical deals with Neon in the past and acquired “Happiest Season” from Tristar PIctures which it released this Thanksgiving. This will be a first with Paramount if they do a day-and-date streaming theatrical run.

This Alberta entrepreneur is building a stronger

Our client, Wade McLean, knows it takes ingenuity, planning and teamwork to build a business with the strength to grow even when times are situs slot online tough

Every year, McLean sits down with his team at Strongfield Environmental Solutions to review how the past year has gone and brainstorm growth opportunities for the future.

Two years ago, one of his employees shared how he’d heard about drones being used for aerial vegetation spraying in Asia. After some research, McLean quickly realized drones could complement his Lacombe, Alberta company’s traditional business of land spraying to control weeds for clients.

Using drones to fly and spray in remote locations would not only save time and money, but also increase safety for employees. Just as importantly, adding drones to Strongfield’s line-up of services would further diversify the business, making it more resilient in the face of economic turbulence.

Always looking for new opportunities

“We’re always looking for new ways to grow and evolve,” McLean says. “It’s massively important for me to diversify the business. So, I’m always challenging the team to look for new sectors that could complement what we’re already doing.”

It was a collapse in oil prices in 2008 that convinced McLean his company was too exposed to the oil and gas industry. Successive downturns for the sector in 2014 and 2020 only served to make him more determined to diversify Strongfield in a variety of ways.

That’s smart business, according to a new survey of 500 business owners and decision-makers in Alberta and Saskatchewan conducted by our team at BDC. The survey found that diversified companies were twice as likely to have experienced high revenue growth (over 10%) during the previous year compared to non-diversified ones.

Overall, 16% of businesses that were diversified—by expanding into new markets, launching new products and services, or growing their customer base—achieved high growth, despite a difficult year in western Canada.

Want to Buy Amazon’s Latest and Greatest Kindle? Better Start Saving Up

Eight years after launching the first Kindle, Amazon (judi online) – Get Report has rolled out its lightest and thinnest version of its pioneering e-reader yet, but it carries a hefty price tag that might hamper sales.

The new Oasis Kindle is 30% thinner on average and more than 20% lighter than any other Kindle, and is designed to make you forget that you’re even holding a device at all. It also comes with a recharging cover that will power the device for months.

“To lean back and read for hours, you need a sanctuary from distraction,” Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement. “We want Kindle to disappear, and Kindle Oasis is the next big step in that mission. It’s the most advanced Kindle we’ve ever built — thin and ultra-lightweight, it gets out of the way so you can lose yourself in the author’s world.”

But to get that sanctuary experience, you’re going to have to shell out $290, a price point that analysts say will likely limit its appeal.

“Kindle has been successful for them, and they’re trying to continue to gain share in the tablet market,” Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said. “I don’t think it will have much impact, as it is pricey, and not particularly differentiated. People buy iPads for the app ecosystem, and that will be hard for Amazon to replicate. However, if they remain patient, Amazon may ultimately be able to compete at the high end, pending increases in their access to killer apps.”

Needham & Company analyst Kerry Rice agreed that the Oasis won’t be that revolutionary.

Turning your idea into a successful business

There’s no doubt that successful businesses start with landingkit elementor brilliant ideas. After all, in today’s fiercely competitive environment, innovation is the ammunition entrepreneurs need to stand out in the crowd.

Many newcomers to the business world may assume that starting a new business is necessarily linked to an invention. And although this may play an important part in some pioneering companies, most business concepts are in fact all about tweaking existing ideas—or finding new ways to do old things.

For example, a company selling a Web-based customer service monitoring tool is simply improving on the long-accepted premise that successful businesses have to keep an eye on their customers’ needs.

However, finding the right niche, based on what you do best and the potential market situation, demands both careful planning and research. Even the best products may not necessarily find buyers because markets change and customers are fickle.

There are no clear recipes for starting a new business, but here are a few guidelines that can help you get going in the right direction.

Look for windows of opportunity

Astute observation is your best ally when looking for unique ideas. Start by assessing exactly what you do well. It’s a much safer bet to venture into familiar territory where you can use your existing strengths. For example, if you work in the pharmaceutical industry then you could branch out into health care.

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Do what you’re passionate about. Enthusiasm ignites the interest of lenders. Choose ideas that enable you to act now. You need to move swiftly before your idea fizzles.
  • Be specific about your business goals. For example, you want to reach this specific market with a specific product.
  • Look around you for windows of opportunity such as taking over a family business.
  • Start a business doing something that your existing company isn’t doing.
  • Keep your eye on the franchise market.
  • Read business publications and stay informed of growth areas. For example, the rapidly changing health sector, fueled by the explosion of biotechnology, provides endless business opportunities.