Rekijo, journey and ‘pop-mysticism’: mainstream society prompted legacy the travel industry of/for young ladies

Since around 2008, another kind of anxious utilization of download drama jepang, social and ideological pictures and ideas has been shown by young ladies in Japan. Called rekijo (history fan young ladies), they have pulled in incredible open consideration. They appreciate visiting verifiable destinations that show up in anime, books and videogames dependent on recorded actuality, and effectively take an interest in occasions drove by neighborhood networks. The prominence of such ‘substance the travel industry’ or ‘journey’ has had a huge financial impact. At the same time, a ‘power spot’ blast has occurred, in which young ladies visit Shinto hallowed places, Buddhist sanctuaries and recorded locales to increase otherworldly power. Their ‘”pop” nationalistic’ confidence towards the spirits of chronicled figures, Shinto kami and Buddha might be called ‘pop-mysticism’ and adds to building new ideas of ‘Japanese-ness’. This article investigates the essentialness of the legacy the travel industry of young ladies in socio-social and women’s activist settings, and examines how the ongoing rekijo wonder and ladies’ ‘pop-mysticism’ serves to reconceptualize their national characters and challenge Japanese sex standards. These procedures are exemplified through conversation of ladies’ legacy the travel industry incited by An-an and Non-no during the 1970s, chronicled dramatizations during the 1980s, the Mirage of Blaze arrangement during the 1990s and Sengoku BASARA and Hakuōki during the 2000s.

Akiko Sugawa-Shimada is a partner teacher in the Department of Human Science, Yokohama National University. She is the writer of various articles on anime and mainstream society, including ‘Unusual charm of Shōjo: portrayals of Goth-Loli in Japanese contemporary TV Anime’ in Japanese Animation: East Asian Perspectives (University Press of Mississippi, 2013), Girls and enchantment: portrayals of mystical young ladies and Japanese female viewership (NTT Shuppan, 2013), ‘Natural products crate’ in The overview of realistic books: manga (Salem Press, 2012) and ‘Dissident with causes and chuckling for help: ‘exposition manga’ of Tenten Hosokawa and Rieko Saibara, and Japanese female readership’ in Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (2011).